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I'm gettin on a jet plane in three hours and flying to seattle.


My last meal here will be a lobster roll from Legal Seafood and a good Manhattan.


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I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. I arrived when I was 13, I left when I was 22. My formative years were all spent collecting media and friends and experiences that were not conventional.

I bought a lot of magazines, reading words by people who knew more, wrote more, saw more and felt more than me, from places far away. Last week, i gave all of those magazines away, to my friend Jason Scott. He went through them, and based only on the contents of that box, said this about the collection, "A sort of suburban kid’s lifeline of weird words, unusual pictures, and crazy promises that someone might be able to live up to if they ran far and fast enough in the right direction."

That nails what I went through out there so thoroughly that I simply can't add anything but thanks.

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Before I left DC, I worked briefly for a company called EchoDitto. It was one of the best groups of people I ever worked with. I left because the work they needed didn't match what I wanted to do, but it was a fine fine company.

They are looking for some web developers. Please have a look and pass this on to anyone who may be interested:

Company: EchoDitto
Job Title: Web Developer / PHP & Drupal
Description: EchoDitto is searching for outstanding web developers to join our team of technology enthusiasts and progressive thinkers. This position will be responsible for developing innovative Web-based tools for progressive online activism and community building. Our software architects work closely with their strategy architect counterparts to develop specifications and make recommendations on the use of new and emerging technologies. Programming, user interface design and database familiarity are all core elements of this position. Dealing with Microsoft technologies is not.

Apply online at

All salaried positions at EchoDitto come with excellent benefits and time preallocated for catching up with Engadget, Twittering or compiling ncurses for your iPhone.